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The latin word mirabilia, from which the word marvellous derives, had a double meaning. On one hand, it referred to the medieval precursors of modern tourists guides: these were incunabula presenting the pilgrim or the traveller with all the beauties of the city he was about to visit.
On the other hand, in XVIII century wunderkammern, the term was used to describe all those extraordinary objects created by Nature (naturalia) or by man (artificialia).

The two purposes of the Bizzarro Bazar Collection are similar: to appraise and explore some “hidden” wonders of the Italian peninsula, while stimulating consideration of the italian anthropological and cultural heritage; and to convey, through Carlo Vannini’s amazing photographs, the sense of awe and enchantment one can feel by entering a wunderkammer.

The Eternal Vigil

Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo

De Profundis

The Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples

Mors Pretiosa

Italian Religious Ossuaries

His Anatomical Majesty

Museo Morgagni di Padova

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