Merry Christmas!

During this holiday season, more than ever, there’s been so much talking about trees.
It seems that the latest fad is positioning Christmas trees upside down. I have my doubts about the “medieval origins” of this “tradition” (as some suggested), but upside down trees definitely have a bizarre and surreal element which I do not dislike.

But here in Italy, and especially in Rome, we’ve been also talking about “Mangy” Christmas trees that fell short of everybody’s expectations.
Leaving all political issues aside, I would like to take these “deviant” trees as a pretext to wish you all a weird, nonconventional, offbeat Christmas.

And to do this, there’s nothing better that this funny little story, narrated by Tom Waits during one of his gigs.

Once upon a time in a forest, there were two trees: there was the crooked tree, and there was the straight tree. And all day long the straight tree would look over at the crooked tree, saying “Look at you, you’re crooked! You’re crooked — look at your branches, they’re crooked too! Even your leaves, they’re crooked! You’re probably crooked underground as well… but look at me. I’m tall. I’m straight. But you’re crooked!”
So one day… the lumberjacks came into the forest.
And they took a look around. And one of them said “Bob, cut off the straight trees.”
And that crooked tree is still there to this day, growing stronger, and stranger, every day.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Buon natale

This year I wanted my Christmas greetings to be a little more intimate and heartfelt.

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I wish you a happy Christmas and… Keep The World Weird!

Buon Natale BB

Buon Natale!


Come ogni anno rinnoviamo gli auguri a tutti i lettori di Bizzarro Bazar.

Siamo consci però che, fra i suddetti lettori, ci sono molte persone per le quali le luci, gli addobbi e la festosità saranno sempre venati di un po’ di malinconia: per questo vorremmo dedicare un pensiero e un abbraccio virtuale a tutti coloro che dovranno passare per la prima volta il Natale senza una persona cara, o che l’hanno già persa in questo periodo, non importa quanti anni fa.
Che i bei ricordi siano il caldo focolare di quest’inverno! E chi vuol esser lieto, sia

Buone feste!

Buon Natale!

Auguri a tutti i lettori di Bizzarro Bazar!

Quest’anno, per le festività, vi deliziamo con una piccola chicca firmata Ciriak, uno dei nostri animatori preferiti che avete imparato a conoscere per le sue animazioni folli e surreali. Buone feste, e… keep the world weird!


Nota: la fotografia finale ritrae Noel Edmonds, noto personaggio televisivo inglese, autore di alcune trasmissioni di Natale e convinto spiritualista.